Playing Pokemon Violet

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05 jun 2024, 13:34

Playing Pokemon Violet

05 jun 2024, 15:28

about: Blueberry quest: defeat the elite four

I'm stuck at the part where to make a very spicy sandwich. Appearantly I did something wrong when I first tried it while swapping ingredients. So I gave up and did the other 3 trainers first. And then I saved the game.
But when I return to the sandwichplace, there was no reset for this part of the game, and and I am still stuck with my wrong ingredients.
How can I reset that part, because after beating the other 3 this is the only one left and I cannot proceed until that sandwich is ready. Or do I have to start the game all over because of that? Hope there is a way to make things right again.. and did not loose my money and time (over 300 hours), for nothing. So, please help.

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